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The Short History of Karmakanik

about us history of karmakanixKarmakanix has a history as one of Berkeley’s most trusted independent Audi and Volkswagen repair shops since 1995. With over four decades of experience, shop owner Steve Nechodom has built one of the most loyal clientele bases in the Bay Area. Karmakanik has a huge customer base. And we feel like we know each one of them. Customers come from as far away as Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Oregon and even a couple from Alaska!

In 1970, Steve switched from his childhood calling of bicycles, lawnmowers and go-carts to the world of cars, trucks and tractors. Volkswagens entered his life in 1973, and helped pay the way through many years of college. After almost a decade of studying psychology, medicine, physics and music, a post graduation decision had to be reached. Steve concluded that he did not want to fix people for a living, and he could definitely fix cars.

During the 80’s he got deep into the Audi lineup, and got a taste for of Porsches as well. He also has a secret sweet spot for the Peugeot models of the era. After years of valued training at dealerships, he was ready to strike out on his own.

Originally located on 10th and Dwight in Berkeley, Karmakanik was started in 1995 with no employees, a corner with one car lift, and Steve’s passion for cars. The shop also got a reputation for the sound of guitar and didgeridoo music, and the sight of hand blown glass.

Now many years of history later, we have relocated twice and have a team of ten great people. Perhaps our growth is a statement of our attention to customer’s needs and quality workmanship. Our capabilities and capacity have grown exponentially. So has our passion not only for the cars we work on, but for the community and the loyal clients we serve.

Karmakanik might as well be the School of Cars. We constantly gather and share information to keep up with new models and technology. We maintain our forward thinking expertise on the newest models, and send our technicians to the top schools to absorb the newest information and training.

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