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About us 32x32Our website is designed to accommodate every kind of customer and visitor. We try to make shorter main pages that have the basic and needed information, and further pages that are for the very interested and technically minded. Understand that it is not our intention to bury anyone in difficult to comprehend information. And most of these pages contain a smattering of what could be related, i.e.; a synopsis. Further and deeper information as well as easier to understand explanations can be obtained by calling or emailing your Service Advisor. For a short tour of this website, look through our service advice about Service & Repairs. If you want deeper and complete information about repairs and our experience, look up your car, your engine or your repairs in our Knowledgebase section of our website. When you are menu browsing, it may look like the same repair appears in both sections. Well, yes it does, and the name may appear more or less the same. But the Service & Repairs section is more of a blurb about the basic maintenance and repair necessities. The Knowledgebase is more about How Stuff Werx and What Breaks, and a synopsis plus explanation.

LearningKarmakanik is not shy about sharing information. Ultimately, this website was constructed as a resource for our customers, but we actually hope more professionals will make use of our site. Most of the information is available somewhere, but that which we know only through experience should not necessarily be a trade secret. With some time and effort, we may be able to improve the industry as a whole. It is not our intention to be a Bentley Manual or a John Muir, and most of what is involved in actually fixing cars is beyond the scope of this publication. We hope to educate many sorts of folk, but if you fix cars, use this information at your own risk.

Our Knowledgebase is quite extensive, and some of the pages are not designed for the faint of heart. The website is and probably always will be a work in progress. More information about older cars will no doubt be added as time goes on, and the information about our current models is expanding as they get older. is not intended to be or become a Wikipedia for VW, Audi and Porsche. Nor is it a forum, and we do not facilitate online comments or discussions. If anything, this website is a sort of Karmapedia, as everyone working here has contributed knowledge to our Knowledgebase. Karmakanik is ultimately a service business and we are in the business of fixing cars and keeping customers satisfied and informed.

We should be the first to admit that we may not have everything right. Some information could be off base or incomplete. If you, as a reader or customer, notice something amiss, inaccurate or even spelled incorrectly on our website, please contact us using the Website Issue Report Form. And forgive the sense of humor, Steve is an odd bird.

It is not our intention to compete with other shops in a literary fashion. It is our intent to compete with other shops and dealerships in the service and information world. And it is our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction. If you find we are lacking, or you had anything wrong with any aspect of your service experience, we urge you to contact us, so we can make it right. Ultimately this helps us develop as an organization and helps us avoid making mistakes with other customers.

yelp256Make use of all of our review sites. It is good to have a clue right off the bat if you are dealing with the sort of organization that fits your needs and personality. We encourage research on just about any topic, as you might notice. Do read our webpage on such review engines such as Yelp and DemandForce. We are saying something that you have probably never heard from the mouth of a business.

toolbox-162150_150Our Karmakanik Knowledgebase will continue to build and explore many other topics about our cars, our customers and ourselves. Our intention is to make available a formidable database about the cars we love and work on. And we will include pages about our employees and their unique lives and families. might eventually cover it all. My Thanx to the folks that contributed to and supported this massive project, the Karmakanik Knowledgebase.

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