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Cars at Karmakanix: Where We Kick In

Cars at Karmakanix DSC07179-003cars DSC07167The vast majority of the vehicles that we work on were made this century. With the Volkswagen and Audi lines, we basically kick in with the last of the Mark III cars: Golf and Jetta, and Passats. We are Eurovan specialists, and also are equipped to work on the Rialta and Sunraider camper conversions. Our Audi repairs and services go back generally to the A4, A6 and A8 vehicles, although we have some of the original Audi S4 and V8 Quattro flagship customers on our client list. For the most part, we stick to a loose 20 year policy for most engines and models. Vanagons, Caddies and Corrados are the exceptions, as our customers truly love those cars, and most keep their vehicles in top notch shape. We do rebuild engines as needed, and we are very aware of all the sticky variables in rebuild versus replacement of motors in both older and current model cars.

cars 2-002It is a different story with the Porsche line up. We only work on cars from last century. That requires a lot of expertise, schooling and tools just for the Porsche line. We see the 911, 912 and 914 cars, and most of what we see are still going strong. They generally are not the owner’s daily driver, and the cars are in top shape. Frankly, we do not really see many of the original water cooled lineup such as the 924, 944 and 928. We sort of think that few shops see these cars, as there may be only a few cars on the road these days.

cars P 912 aWe consider the elderly Porsches as antique works of art, and most of what we see is exactly that, and some have surprisingly low mileage. One of the Porsche services that we offer is to help get older Porsches back on the road after storage. We mostly see issues with fuel tank contamination from varnish deposits and water damage. Some were parked long ago with really bad engine oil, and the water content rusted out the oil reservoir. Or they got started up with the trashed oil and things got damaged or stuck. We suggest that you give us a call before you fire up that old P car if it has not run for a couple of years or more.

BeetleThe owner at Karmakanix is one of the few remaining relics who has worked on ALL Volkswagens. And his Audi experience started with the 100 LS of the 70’s. He has touched every model ever brought to the US of A. That does not mean that Karmakanix works on them. We endeavor to move forward with the times. As we are aficionados of technology, and are a family oriented business, we tend to work on the cars of families and aficionados. We would like to think that for the most part, we have moved on to this century.

1-auto-256704_150-009Let us just take a second to gripe about all the models and motors that have never appeared in America. Sometimes the European car rags found on our coffee table can make you cry in anguish. Take a look at the A7 Tdi’s that we may never see. Weep over the Scirocco with the gullwing doors that never came. Go figure why Volkswagen has produced two more Van models since the retirement of the Eurovan after 2003, and they have not sent even one to the van-hungry American market. The first van was even insultingly called the “California”. It looks a bit like the Eurovan, but the list of technological upgrades is staggering. So are they not mindful of their potential market? Are their production facilities limited? Are they just trying to spank us? China started building and importing VW cars in 1984. They have gotten some models of VW and Audi cars that the US has not. Hmmmm…..

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