Appointment & Repair Reminder Service

Email Reminder Service 64x64Karmakanix employs a state of the art Email Reminder Service called DemandForce for appointment reminders and alerts for scheduled maintenance or specific repairs. Adjustable intervals or precise dates can be established to politely remind you of everything from oil changes and major services to tire replacement and brake repairs that keep you safe. Demandforce employs the latest technologies in email and internet security, so your information is also safe.

appt heart 64x64The Email Reminder Service integrates with our service software. It keeps track of the mileage changes during your service history to calculate dates for oil changes and major services. Any time you receive a reminder and you know it is too early, you can change the mileage calculated and send a reply. The service will change its calculations accordingly. Our service software is capable of linking to CarFax so our service reports are available when a used car is checked out online. That report does NOT include any personal information or specifics about the repairs performed. This option can be turned off, but you need to ask us to make that modification to our records.

After your first visit, the email reminder service will send you a welcome letter. If you do wish to unsubscribe, an easy link is provided for that function. After successive visits, the service will ask if you have any issues with the service visit or repairs. Please feel free to complete the survey, as it also helps us improve our system and customer care. If you do have any issues about any experience you have at Karmakanix, please contact your service advisor, our service manager, or the owner before leaving feedback. Remember, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, help us make it so for everyone.

Service 64x64You can easily unsubscribe from the DemandForce email reminder service at any time, or never start the service, but most customers find that a friendly reminder is a welcome relief. We do occasionally send seasonal specials and coupons, but we never share your email address, and we never spam. The DemandForce service is a high security network also employed by doctors and dentists.

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