Karmakanix License Plate Frames

Service 32x32At Karmakanix, we acknowledge that our primary reason for our success is our customers. Like many shops, we like to have our license plate frames on our customer’s cars. Unlike many shops, we don’t put them on without asking first. We see many cars come through with license plate frames from used car lots, or dealerships that are long since closed.

Bringing up the suggestion of putting license plate frames on a customer’s car is a bit of a squeamish topic, and not really what most service writers are about. We feel that any change to your car should be a welcome change. So we have instituted a five buck policy. We would like to give you $5 for the privilege of allowing us to have our license plate frames on your car. Alternatively, we are happy to give you a deck of Steve’s Karma Kardz. Inspired by his grandson, Steve created a deck of playing cards based on the Four Elements. For the face cards, he used images taken from old paintings of European royalty. We feel it’s a deal since the cards sell for $20. Besides, the more Karma, the merrier.

The five buck policy applies for as many cars as you have us service. They should be the brands of cars that we normally work on, not your Ford SUV. So the offer is for once per car, not once per customer. And we will gladly replace any license plate frame that gets damaged or goes missing.

We have nicely made premium license plate frames with our Karmakanix logo in red or black. To look the best, we use stainless steel fasteners that won’t rust or peel. The basic idea is to have nice looking license plate frames on nice looking cars.

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