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VW and Audi Tdi Customers

Banner tdi customersService 32x32For our Tdi customers, there is a section under Service & Repairs about basic diesel maintenance and repairs. For the very interested, there is a section in our Knowledgebase entirely devoted to diesel and biodiesel. We recommend that our Tdi customers spend some time getting acquainted with their vehicles. Feel free to ask your Service Advisor to review your records or explain anything about your vehicle.

Our Diesel Customers

Tdi cust small-004We have a high percentage of Tdi customers, including the rarer Audi A3 Tdi and Q7 Tdi, the VW Touareg Tdi as well as diesel Beetles and Passats. On any given day at Karmakanix, we seem to have around 1/3 of of our car count as diesels. Our favorites are the modern Jetta Sportwagens. And you should know that we find the reliability of the later model diesels to be exemplary. Maintenance and tuning is about all we ever get a chance to do. Most of the rare instances of complicated diagnosis prove to have resulted from experiences at previous service facilities.

1-tachometer-152602_150-003We offer Malone Tuning for all Tdi models made this century, which brings out the extra power and fuel mileage. We also specialize in all levels of high and higher performance, including balanced oversized injectors and larger turbochargers. It works out that higher power can be had alongside better efficiency. Malone Tuning is just that much more accurate.

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