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Our Technicians: Who Works On Your Car?

Service 32x32At Karmakanix, we employ only technicians with extensive experience in the service and repair of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche automobiles. We do not accept apprentices, and require a minimum of five years journeyman experience in our car lines in addition to extensive trade schooling or apprenticeships. Most of our technicians had long careers with dealerships before joining the Karmakanix crew.

1-Technician-003Our technicians the same study guides used by new car dealership technicians. These dealer study guides cover the latest factory information and Technical Service Bulletins for our vehicles. We constantly send our technicians to classes in different parts of the nation. They get information that is always far past the dealer training systems. We encourage internal training based on the knowledge each technician brings back from the schools. At our shop, we often use think tank techniques to share information and diagnose procedures.

1-1-1-1-Mechanic-002We are a career minded shop. Most of our personnel have been with us for over 5 years, many for over 10 years. Our technicians average 18 years of experience. Our service personnel average 20 years of experience. The owner has been in the car repair field for over 40 years,┬ástarting with gocarts and tractors in the 60’s. He’s worked on VW since 1973, and Audi since 1983. Karmakanix has some serious experience behind their work.

1-1-training-199620_640Our technicians go far beyond the norm. They really excel in diagnostic abilities. Some techs have their own four channel oscilloscope and knows exactly how to use it. Some of our jobs are taken on after other shops or dealers have failed. We pride ourselves in the ability to diagnose and repair any problem, no matter how complicated. The amount of tools and equipment each technician has accumulated is enormous. Each one of our Techs has paid the Snapon Tool Man’s monthly mortgage more than once. That is just one measure of how devoted they are to their jobs, and how ready they are for any sort of repair.

1-1-1-mechanics-156408_640Our shop is NOT flat rate, meaning the employees are all paid by the hour, not by the job. Flat rate often engenders sloppy work because those mechanics are rushing to finish every job in order to get paid more. Flat rate mechanics get paid by the job, Karmakanix Technicians get paid by the hour. Sometimes flat rate can also translate to a stressful work environment. At Karmakanix, we spend whatever time is necessary to accurately and completely fix your car. Calmly and Efficiently.

1-1-1-35-IMG_3053-001The shop investment in specialty tools could buy a small house in Richmond. Karmakanix has every factory tool for every job we do on your car. We have an assortment of advanced diagnostic tools and thread repair kits that goes beyond the scope of any dealership. Some of our friends who still work at dealerships have confirmed that Karmakanix is generally better equipped for complicated work. No corners get cut here.

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