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Towing: When You Need a Tow Truck

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tow truck 64x64 366 18px towingMany customers have AAA cards. Some customers have towing coverage through their insurance policies, but might not know it. Review your policy ahead of time, so you know your options in an emergency. If your vehicle is not covered by AAA or your car insurance policy, call our preferred towing company: R&R Towing at 510.526.1325. Mention that the car is going to Karmakanix for the lowest price tow. R&R can will bill us for your tow if that is the more convenient tactic. They know where we are located and exactly what to do with your car and the keys. There is no need for you to come with the car, even when the mishap occurs in the middle of the night. Please call and advise us that your car is being towed. After business hours, leave us a quick voice mail. Our Service Advisors will receive a the message and confirm with you ASAP that your vehicle arrived safe and sound.

towing service 92x64Sometimes R&R Towing beats paying AAA if you have mileage restrictions, especially if you get caught broken down way out of town. For the lowest price, have your car towed during normal business hours and not on holidays. You might qualify for free towing, just call us first. We will also tow your non-running car from any Bay Area Volkswagen or Audi dealership within 50 miles to Karmakanix, in most cases for no charge.

If you arrive during business hours, our Service Advisors can arrange for a rental car, or shuttle you to BART. Nobody anticipates a breakdown, but everyone should get the assistance they need when it happens. If you end up broken down a thousand miles away, our Service Advisors will assist you in locating a quality repair shop near your location, and a reliable tow company to get you there.

warning 32x32Quick Clue: Many of our customers drive 4WD, AWD or Syncro vehicles. They must be towed with ALL 4 tires off the ground, or serious damage WILL occur. A flat bed type tow truck is the perfect solution. Even with a 2WD drive car, flat bed towing is safer and less likely to damage your car. We have seen plenty of vans with the frame torn from tow truck chains, and plenty of cars with bent tie rods or control arms. R&R Towing shows up with a flat bed tow truck every time.

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