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Warranty for Service and Repair

Service 32x32At Karmakanix, we offer a Lifetime warranty on our labor. If we ever make some mistake while fixing your car, we will make it right at any time. Understand that a part failure is NOT a labor warranty issue. We are very proud that we do things right at Karmakanix and stand behind our work forever, or for your car’s Lifetime.

shield_and swords 64x64The Karmakanix parts warranty is Two Years / 24,000 Miles on all new and rebuilt parts. Even if the original manufacture’s interval is shorter. Some repair parts are covered longer if the manufacturer specifies. We know that this policy is a bit risky for us, but we use the best parts in the business at Karmakanix. And we feel that the average One Year / 12,000 warranty that is standard in the automotive field does not reflect the confidence that our average customer wants to feel. We provide absolutely the best parts and service in the business.

We clearly acknowledge that there are a number of Asian sources for parts that are substandard and have a high percentage of early failure. Generally, we avoid using such parts. But occasionally a customer may request said substandard parts for financial reasons, and occasionally there are no other options. Please understand that we cannot extend our policy to cover these parts.

Warranties are transferable if you sell your car, except in certain instances when a manufacturer specifies coverage only for the original owner of record. Please consult your Service Advisor for further clarification as needed.

Exclusions to the 2/24 Policy

Parts Bought Over The Counter

Any part bought over the counter at our Parts Department only has the Manufacturer's warranty period. Most of those are 6 month to one year. The Warranty exclusion must apply to all parts that are not installed at Karmakanix.

Parts Provided By Customer

Any part provided by the customer will have no warranty for parts OR labor. Any extra labor time required to repair, modify, adapt or replace said part will be charged after advising the customer.

Rebuilt Engines and Transmissions

Rebuilt engines and transmissions are only covered for the Factory Warranty period. Period. Karmakanix cannot be expected to subsidize any huge motor or transmission expense. Engines rebuilt by Karmakanix will have a 12 month / 12,000 warranty, which is pretty much the industrial standard.


Obviously tires cannot be covered, as an aggressive driver can quickly finish of a set of high performance tires. Faulty wheel alignment or suspension damage can also shorten the lifespan of a tire dramatically.


Brakes coverage can be an issue, as some customers drive in San Francisco conditions where above average brake wear is expected. And of course a two-footed driver can burn off a set of brakes during a years worth of traffic jams. If a brake part fails out right, such as a master cylinder leaks, or one pad disintegrates, THAT is a warranty issue, and would be covered. So we will cover the brake part's Manufacturer Warranty only.


Clutches are just like brakes. With proper care and the right environment, an original clutch will last the life of a car. San Francisco driving changes all that because the clutch must be slipped to get going up a hill. Using of the handbrake to eliminate the car moving backwards while the clutch is being engaged limits the wear factor. But we are not here to teach people how to drive. We just fix cars. We can only cover the Manufacturer Warranty for clutch parts.

Accidents, Abuse & "Acts of God"

We cannot cover damaged parts due to abuse. Accidents happen, but we cannot cover parts damaged by such an event. This would also include "Acts of God" such as earthquakes, fires or landslides.

No one warranties any part for racing, or for abnormal driving such as 4 wheeling. Damage caused by road conditions such as potholes or gravel are not covered. Please understand that our policy is an extension of our customer service and we cannot cover parts damaged by abuse, accidents, racing or abnormal road conditions.

Choice of Inferior Quality Parts

At times, a customer may choose to use less expensive but inferior quality parts. More specifically, such as Chinese replacement axles or aftermarket window regulators. If your finances or the value of the car ends up matching up with an inferior quality part, Karmakanix cannot be expected to warranty that part for longer than some of those parts last. Your Service Advisor will help be more specific.

Used Parts

We seldom utilize used parts. Some older parts are not available new. And we realize that some electronic parts are just too expensive considering the value of an older car. In the case that the salvage yard gives a 90 day warranty, we honor that time period.

Other used parts are only covered in that they function correctly when installed, but please understand that they can fail just as the original part did, and cannot be covered by a guarantee. Whatever warranty the Salvage Yard offers will be clearly written on your work order.

Odometer Inoperative

For ANY warranty to be active, the odometer MUST work. We are trying to be fair, so should you. If the odometer does not work, it is difficult to tell if the car just went to church every week or went to Alaska a few times.

Biodiesel & Veggie Fuel Systems

All Rebuilders of diesel fuel components and all car manufacturers do not warranty their products for biodiesel usage. Karmakanix has to do the same. Yet our goal is to be fair. If a diesel fuel pump fails for a manufacturing defect that was clearly not related to biodiesel usage, we will cover that.

Biodiesel made from recycled oils has a short shelf life. Using fuel that is more than a few months old may cause damage due to contaminants. Fuel that is over 6 months old will likely cause damage.

Veggie oil systems are known for building up deposits, with eventual damage as a consequence. With Biodiesel and Veggie oil usage, we evaluate the application of our warranty on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to our web pages on biodiesel and veggie oil systems for more information.

Our Basic Exclusion Policy

shield_and swords 64x64Basically, what we are saying is: A part that is a normal wear item is just that. And just because you can wear it out more rapidly then the next guy does not mean we can warranty that part. If a part fails with normal use, and the manufacturer is at fault, then we will cover it even after the manufacturer does not. Any part that is of good quality should be expected to last at least two years of normal service. A crappy part may not. The 24,000 mile limit is already rather high.

We have to be able to tell how far the car went with our parts installed. The two year warranty will not be in effect if your odometer does not work. And we must install that part. We cannot honor a high mileage warranty like this if some one else installs that part. And finally, any part still has whatever warranty the manufacturer specifies. Warranties are transferable if you sell your car, except in certain instances where the manufacturer's specifies coverage only for the original owner of record.

Any Part Still Has Whatever Warranty That The Manufacturer Specifies.

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