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Engines: The Heart of a Car

Engines 145x145 Gear case (3)Each of the engines has a section with a bit of information about the assets, the problems, and the mid life repairs. This information is designed to get your informed about the car you drive and the repairs you car may need. Each power plant has its advantages and drawbacks. To each customer, there is a stand off between horsepower and mileage. Some of the engines would appear to the owner as having issues with longevity, as it seems to them that extraordinary levels of repairs and financial resources are required. When in fact it is usually a problem with some system or subsystem that plagues the engine series. Not always. A few motors have endemic issues that result in common problems, such as oil consumption, or even oil pressure loss.

Karmakanix has had decades of experience with motors in general, but has also had the opportunity to rebuild hundreds of motors. This gives us a unique perspective and knowledge base about the inner workings of any engine. That gives us an advantage in diagnosing odd noises, internal past failures, and properly repairing sensitive internal motor problems. You don’t want just any lube monkey to do your valve job, replace the crankshaft bearings, or install a new motor in your car.

Generally, motor codes are not discussed here, only when essential to distinguish different problems. There are just too many, and customers do not tend to converse using those terms. For the most part, we will just refer to them by their size, configuration, and sometimes by car model.

Gear case (3)