Volkswagen Vans Are Here to Stay: Built to Stay Anywhere

Volkswagen VansVW Camper 128x128At Karmakanix, we acknowledge that there is a huge draw to these older Volkswagen Vans. They fulfill the large family need for some, and the camping dream for many. Despite their age, their market value has increased over the years until many of them are worth far more than the sticker price when they were new.  Most of these vans have long since fallen off the scheduled maintenance wagon. This has lead to perpetual questions of the age of the tune up related components that are to be replaced during scheduled maintenance. Age has also lead to changes in the stereotypical issues found through the Van lines. We will start with the problems that pertain to the entire Vanagon line, then divide up into 83.5 – 85 series, and 86 – 91 models. Karmakanix moved past the air cooled world last century. Eurovans are their own bird, and have their own section.

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