Parts Department: It’s In Stock!

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Service 32x32Karmakanix has an extensive parts department. We keep in stock all the commonly used VW and Audi repair parts even for the uncommon jobs. Many shops run lean, with just a few parts on hand, depending on warehouses to deliver daily. But each warehouse has an afternoon cutoff time, and parts ordered after that come the next day. And some warehouses are closed for some holidays. Then your car stays an extra day because they don’t have that measly part on the shelf. We find that customers who come for some service or repair and find out they urgently need brakes or some coolant hose usually prefer that they still get their car back the same day.

Karmakanix also keeps a huge inventory of specialty nuts, bolts, studs, washers, light bulbs, fuses, connectors (the list goes on and on), so you don’t get your car back with missing or improper fasteners or hardware. We never have to stop a job because we don’t have the little stuff. After decades of accumulating specialty fasteners for our models, we keep a more detailed inventory than many dealerships.

Why We Buy Some Expensive Factory Parts

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We believe in high quality parts. Over the years, we have sorted out which parts from which sources have stood the test of time. Many critical parts such as heater cores and water pumps really should be sourced from dealerships not just for longevity, but also because the labor to install them overpowers the difference in price. Some aftermarket parts are just plain wrong. Windows with the wrong curvature, coloration or extreme blurry spots. Radiator fans that vibrate wildly right out of the box. Multibranch coolant hoses that don’t reach their connections. Much of the cheap stuff either does not fit or fails early. None of that is in our parts department.

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