Headlight Polish: Oh Say, Can You See At Night

Repair 32x32Certain models have plastic headlight lenses that cloud up from pitting and UV damage. The effect is night time visibility is greatly diminished. Because the damage occurs slowly over time, many drivers do not realize how poorly the illumination really is until they see the big change once the lenses get polished. Depending on driving and parking circumstances, the headlight polish job may need to be done every 2 to 3 years.

Don’t get tempted to try this job at home. It really should be done by a professional. The painted area around the headlight needs to be properly cleaned and then masked with high quality gaffer tape. The available headlight polish kits vary in quality of their abrasives, and a 4 step kit is the best way to get a longer lasting polish. Cheap kits may not give you good results, and may just let your headlights get back to dim and damaged very quickly. A cheap job may leave your car with permanent paint damage. Poor workmanship may leave visible lense scars that cannot be removed. Iffy clean up practices may leave a body seam full of hardened white polishing compound. Cheap coatings just peel up and pit during driving, and then look worse. Doing the headlight polish job right just takes finesse and patience. At Karmakanik, we use the 3M Professional Headlight Lense Polishing Kits.

Every once in a while, try to notice the level of pitting and UV damage on your headlights. Your Karmakanik Technician will help you watch for the change as well. When you feel it is time for a headlight polish or your Technician recommends it, let Karmakanik get it right. Remember, if your glasses looked like your headlights, you would be bumping into stuff all day, and all night. Safety First! Watch for our annual Fall / Winter campaigns for half price specials on headlight polish jobs.

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