Mid Life Repairs: The Inevitable

Mid life repairs DSC07136 200x153Repair 32x32This section is devoted to the repairs that tend to start when the car gets around 100,000 miles. Different models and engines tend to require different repairs. Please see our lists of models on this website to get an idea of what to expect as your car gets older. All vehicles go through what we call the Mid Life Repairs Crisis, and repairs become necessary just due to the model and mileage. We realize that sometimes a client may choose to part with their vehicle at this juncture, and go in search of something newer. Karmakanik is always happy to inspect your vehicle for a complete picture to help with making a wise decision.

Floor jack (2)These mid life tend not to be the deal breakers where customers bail out and go on to the next car. Unless a pile of problems hits at once. It is difficult to predict some of these repairs. But we monitor the overall condition of your car during services and tell you when the jobs actually need to be done. Long term customers at Karmakanik tend to have less surprises. Our policy for inspection goes a long ways towards warning you as these long term issues arise. So this section is not meant to bowl you over or scare you away. It really is aimed letting you know that we are on your side. We strive to keep you abreast of any foreseeable upcoming repairs.

When we add these inspection results as recommendations to your customer profile, we date the observation. Your Service Advisor can set up with our DemandForce service to email you when we believe the repairs might become necessary. Feel free to call or email for clarification of any recommendations or inspection reports.

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