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Fuel Injection: Sorting Out the System

fuel injection DSC07165 200x153Repair 32x32Fuel injection diagnosis can be a tough nut to crack. But then again, we have been saying that for decades, and now we look at the early fuel injection systems like they were child’s play. Or more accurately, high school homework. Really, a modern system is not so hard to work on once a technician has the proper training, equipment and information resources. It just complicated. Instead of the 50 options of 30 years ago, now there are 500. Or more. But there are always common issues that arise, and most difficult problems are only really hard the first time. Karmakanix has seen many issues not previously known to the local industry, and won. Many of our First Time Customers came to us because their fuel injection problems were just not getting resolved elsewhere.

Fuel Injection DSC07452It can be difficult to give accurate initial price quotes as a Service Advisor. But there is a process that applies to every repair that entails diagnostics. The issue goes from discovery to diagnosis to repair. Most problems are accompanied by a check engine light and a code. Our Technicians are prepared to tackle any sort of fuel injection system, or any vehicle electronic system for that matter. The vast majority of problems with fuel injection and vehicle systems can be localized in 1 to 2 hours. It just takes intelligence, aptitude and diligence. And patience.

Oil Consumption Issue: PCV & Carbon Buildup

fuel injection DSC07443 96x64Why a PCV system can cause your engine to build up carbon. Why carbon can stop your car in its tracks. How to dodge the bullet. This carbon buildup problem is such a serious issue and no doubt will become more so as the engines age. We feel inclined to link it to several pages. In a nutshell, high oil usage on the FSI engines leads to a carbon buildup in the intake system, and may eventually cause a breakdown.

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