Tdi Maintenance & Repairs

Tdi Maintenance DSC07124 200x153Repair 32x32The section of our website devoted to Tdi Maintenance & Repairs, specific to the VW and Audi Tdi Models. Along the way, you will find tips for avoiding particular long term problems that have plagued the diesel world, both historically and recently. Historically, Volkswagen did not manufacture diesels until the late 1970’s. Many owners of the first diesels from last century bought those cars thinking there was less maintenance required than a gas powered car. Karmakanik covers here many of the problems that ran those cars into the ground, and wiped out their value in the 90’s. The value has made a comeback, and the depreciation on modern diesels is a percentage of the depreciation on gas models. Protect your investment. Have Karmakanik perform your diesel Tdi maintenance, and your Tdi will protect your wallet for a long time to come.

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