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Tdi Fuel Filter Replacement Intervals

If your fuel filter clogs, the first thing you will notice is that the engine starts to loose power while driving up hills or getting on the freeway. It is absolutely necessary to get qualified service attention immediately. It may seem like the engine runs just fine while driving, but the fuel pump could very well be getting damaged as you drive. In most cases, that power loss is being caused by a clogging fuel filter. And the fuel filter should never be allowed to clog. The suction and / or pressure reduction created by a clogging fuel filter will definitely shorten the life of your fuel pump. Failure to attend to the problem can cost you many thousands of dollars.

tdi fuel filter replacementThe fuel filter should be changed every 20,000 miles on a vehicle using regular petroleum type diesel. For a biodiesel vehicle, the interval should be 10,000 miles MAXIMUM. Karmakanix keeps in stock every diesel fuel filter for all VW and Audi models, and even a couple of rare filters. Replacing the filter takes around half an hour or less, depending on the model. We don’t mind doing the job on a moment’s notice, anything to save your valuable diesel injection pump. Call your Service Advisor for some good advice. Make an appointment if you can, but don’t be shy about asking to have the fuel filter changed if you suspect a problem, or just know that it is due for replacement. One of our Technicians can do a quick restriction test if there is any doubt about the need for a filter change.

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