Uncommon Repairs

uncommon repairs IMG_2182  200x153Repair 32x32This section is devoted to the body of uncommon repairs the we seldom perform on our Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Much of this work are among the topics that sometimes intimidate the average customer because of the possible complexity. We refer to the types of repair that no one hopes to encounter, and most do not. Some problems are due to lack of maintenance, some are just due to lack of luck. Some problems are due to the pilot, some are due to the previous mechanic.

1-1-1-1-1-IMG_2179-003The object is to disseminate good knowledge about repair without dissing on anybody. We want to give a certain amount of information without totally burying the reader in techno-jargon. Please see our Knowledgebase for the complete techno-jargon version. Certain customers may want to call or email for the complete version of certain uncommon repairs.

Repair 50x50