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Malone Tuning: Go Fast and Save Fuel

Repair 32x32It would seem that almost any car owner would leap at the opportunity to get better mileage, and most would love a few more ponies when taking on that short freeway on ramp. Malone Tuning is the path towards fewer fuel stops and passing that semi on a two lane road safely. Karmakanix has been using custom tunes from Mark Malone with very positive results. Mark is the owner of Malone Tuning, operating out of Surrey BC Canada. He has dedicated his time to reprogramming engine control units with custom tuning software. The performance and mileage increases have been reported and documented from our customers and our own vehicles. Typically mileage increases by around 5% for the enthusiastic driver, and around 10% for those really trying to squeeze out the miles per bucket. A Tdi is by nature fuel efficient. A motivated driver can go the further on less fuel by being mindful about both acceleration and deceleration.

We have had the pleasure of modifying many engine control units (ECU) and direct shift gear box transmissions (DSG) programs on our Audi and Volkswagen vehicles ranging from model years 2000 to the present model year. Programs are available for a large range of engine types and models. Mark covers gas engines from the older 1.8T four cylinder to 4.2 eight cylinder engines. Diesel customers seem to be our forte, from the 1.9 ALH Tdi, and the popular 2.0 CR Tdi, to the 10 cylinder Touareg Tdi. The most popular models to date are the VW and Audi Tdi diesels from 2009 to 2014, which respond with over 30% better power. Take your Tdi Touareg or your Audi Q7 Tdi to a new level. Bought an Audi S4 or S5 and feel your V8 is a bit cheated for power? Did you find the engine was thirstier than you had predicted? Malone Tuning will wake up that V8 and deliver more miles per gallon!

Malone Tunes for Transmissions

Mark is also the only tuner we know of who is modifying programs for DSG automatic transmissions which have been having shifting and driveability issues when only the engine ECU is reprogrammed by other tuners. The Common Rail engines from 2009 can get a sudden power hiccup or have a harsh shift off the line with other aftermarket tuner’s programs.

Karmakanix has the equipment in house to complete the tuning process on a one day basis with proper scheduling. Tunes cost between $300 to $800 for most cars, although the price for larger motors and Porsches hovers around $1000. The price on the Malone Website is just what we charge, with no tax on the tune. Labor varies from $70 to $155 depending on the application. We also provide tuning services for customers from out of town who remove their own ECU and send it to us. Take a load off the environment and your pocketbook. The cost of the tune pays for itself in fuel savings within one to two years, with average driving of about 15,000 miles a year.

Malone fuel mixture 67x64Please feel free to call and discuss your options of Malone Tuning with Steve, the owner of Karmakanix. More details can be found by going to, and very supportive information is scattered around on the Internet.

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