2.0T Engine: the TFSI 2005.5 and Later

Gear case (3)Essential information is that the 2.0T engine comes in two flavors. The early versions are timing belt driven motors with very well designed balance shafts. All these engine codes have 3 letters and start with “B” (BPY, or B**). The next series is a timing chain design, and suffers far less issues with both the engine and the fuel injection system. It is easily identifiable by the oil filter on top of the motor near the valve cover. All these engine codes have 4 letters and start with “C” (CAEB, or C***). The changeover occurs with 2008 in most Audis, and in 2009 for some VW models.

This short page is mostly just a Link Bucket. Most of what needs to be said about this motor is rather lengthy. The importance of the information cannot be overstressed. Between the fuel system failures, the oil consumption, and the potentially motor killing carbon buildup, we may have a series of 2.0T engine cars destined to ding the VW/Audi reputation pretty hard. The repairs are more common than most stereotypic issues on other motors and models. And the repairs are quite expensive. And the repairs are very likely avoidable in the majority of the cases.

TFSI Injection System on the 2.0T Engine

The TFSI injection system is another step forward in technology. But it is accompanied by a host of ghosts that plague a customer’s car and wallet. Bad fuel pumps, and damaged camshafts & lifters for the high pressure pump are common. There are a few other not so common issues. The basics of the injection system remain the same through the years, but improvements made it much more reliable in the chain driven engines (2008 and up).

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information on TFSI Injection

2.0T Camshaft and Lifter For High Pressure Fuel Pump

Starting with occasional misfires and ending with the car coming to a halt, camshaft damage will stop the engine dead. The extra triangular lobe on the end of the camshaft for the high pressure fuel pump can wear out rapidly. This issue is really only with the belt driven versions. The chain type motors got a roller lifter improvement and four sided lobe.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information about the camshaft failure problem

2.0T Oil Consumption Issue: PCV & Carbon Buildup

This 2.0T engine has proved to be the oil consumer king of this century. It appears to be due to the PCV system seeping. PCV means both Positive Crankcase Ventilation and Pressure Control Valve, and when it seeps the engine uses oil two different ways. The inevitable consequence is a larger buildup of carbon, even using the best fuel. And that carbon will cause misfire problems, and may bring you car to a halt.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information about the relation between oil consumption and carbon buildup

2.0T Teflon Crankshaft Seal Failure

One possible linked failure is a failed PCV valve causing the crankshaft seal on the transmission end of the motor to fail, which causes a sudden oil leak and a likely Check Engine Light from the air leak into the crankcase.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information about the 2.0T Teflon Crankshaft Seal Failure

2.0T CAEB Extreme & Sudden Piston Wear

How ’bout oil consumption as high as a quart every hundred miles? One short series of engines may turn up with a huge oil consumption issue caused by extreme piston wear.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information about the pistons that wear out suddenly

2.0T Carbon Cleaning and Diagnosis

Should your engine use oil and carbon up until it runs wrong, this is the procedure we use to diagnose and decarbonize your motor. Eventually all direct injection engines need carbon cleaning.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information on how the carbon problem is diagnosed and cleaned

2.0T Timing Chain Tensioner Failure – 2008 to 2012

A poorly designed timing chain tensioner can cause major engine damage. Read up on this before your valves get bent. The early belt driven motors (B**) have a tensioner between the two cams that fails. The later chain driven motors (C***) have 3 chains, and the tensioner for the timing chain to the camshafts fails. Think about replacing the offending part and joining the class action suit to get a refund.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information on the 2.0T timing chain tensioner failure and links to the class action suit

2.0T Plastic Water Pump Failure – 2008 and Newer

Plastic water pump impellers became reliable in 2002. But now they are making the entire water pump out of plastic. And a fair amount of them are failing very early in life just because the plastic breaks.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information on the 2.0T water pump failure

2.0T Turbocharger Wastegate Failure

Gas turbochargers exhaust housings run red hot under load, and hotter! The wastegate seat comes loose in the exhaust housing on some cars that are driven briskly.

Gear case (2)Karmakanix Knowledgebase Information on the 2.0T turbocharger failure

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