Check Engine Light: The Yellow Symbol of Trouble

check engine light 64x64When your yellow Check Engine Light comes on, it means there is a malfunction. Generally something with the engine, but can it refer to the transmission or some other component. There are a variety of reasons that the engine might be complaining, but a few of them lead to more expensive problems. In all cases, the car’s control units need to be scanned to determine the cause before a diagnostic pathway can lead to the cause. If you can tell that the car is running incorrectly, you might want to tow it in. But you should not just continue to use the car without knowing what is going wrong. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

For our customers, we offer a quick free scan at the door by one of our staff. We just don’t want you driving if something can fail and leave you stranded. Sometimes just another day of driving may add $thousands to an otherwise $hundreds repair bill. Understand that the scan is not a diagnosis, but we can then tell you what sort of diagnosis your car might need, and if it is safe to drive. If it happens not to be drivable, we can shuttle you to BART, or get you into a rental car. Most of the time, the car is drivable and we can make you an appointment for another day if you cannot leave it for repair.

Our technicians can always properly diagnose the problem that caused the Check Engine Light to come on. They are highly trained and have high tech equipment. Most issues we have already seen many times. But even the tough problems always get solved in a timely manner, and for a reasonable cost. Think of it this way: A dealer would charge you an hour of time just to tell what the codes are. Hmmmmmmmmmm……..
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